Do you need a permit to pour concrete in your backyard nyc?

The Department allows applicants to obtain a permit authorizing work, but prohibits specific operations until specific requirements are met. A job cannot be signed unless all applicable specific requirements have been met, including submission of TR2, TR3 and specific subcontractor information. The good news is that many concrete installations at or just above ground level won't need a permit. However, don't give in to the temptation to skip the permitting process altogether; you could end up with a subpoena; retroactive permit costs; fines; and perhaps difficulties financing, insuring, or selling your home.

The question is often asked: “when is it not necessary to submit plans and obtain a permit. Although this is not a clear topic, the Building Code and RCNY 101-14 address this topic. In general, “Minor jobs and ordinary repairs do not require a building permit. The following is the definition of Minor Alterations and Ordinary Repairs, although submitting architectural plans to the Department of Construction is time-consuming and costly.

It's costly to get stuck in a building without a permit. If an inspector finds that work is being done without a permit, a violation and a “stop work” order are issued. For example, installing new kitchen cabinets doesn't require a permit, but contractors must have a home improvement contractor (HIC) license from the Department of Consumer Affairs. Even if the work is done without permits, it must be done by a general contractor with a home improvement license.