Most popular home improvements?

The report is based on a survey of 5,000 Americans. Homeowners are found to be financing improvements in part with money they once spent on travel, restaurants, entertainment and commute. Eliminate barriers and get a sleek look when you switch to a shower that doesn't have the edge or edge of a traditional shower floor sink. Zero-threshold showers are a big plus if you're building your home “forever” or remodeling a master bathroom to enjoy it indefinitely, says Jamie Gold, wellness design consultant.

There's a little more work and expense involved, but it can definitely be worth it to protect your investment for the future, he says, referring to the benefits of barrier-free showers for those who are aging or injured. As larger showers continue to trend in bathroom renovations, this accessible design style is both practical and elegant. Heat is the problem everyone is interested in addressing right now, according to Matt Power, editor of Green Builder magazine. For peace of mind and save on your energy bill, Power suggests investing in cool roofs, which reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat than a traditional roof, improving indoor comfort and reducing the energy used to cool the home.

Cold roofing materials are available as reflective coatings, sheet roofing, shingles and shingles, as well as metal roofing. While you have to consider most options when replacing your roof, you can upgrade an existing one with reflective coatings or updated reflective material to achieve some of the benefits of a cold roof as well. According to respondents, our top priority is to renovate our existing spaces with fresh paint (44 percent) and new carpets (27 percent), while many of us want to increase the space inside our homes by adding bespoke storage and adapting rooms to make them more multifunctional. Just under 10 percent of respondents want to take their social life and daily activities indoors by adding a gym, office or bar at home.

B%26Q reported this year that sales of blue and green paint increased 36 percent and 32 percent, respectively, as we were looking to add some positivity to our homes. The same study revealed that just under a third of Britons have rediscovered a love for patterned, textured or striped rugs, with popularity rising in those under 30. Those hesitant to introduce many patterns into their homes could experiment with rugs or stair runners, to create an interesting feature without the commitment to carpet an entire room. Make a style statement with the elegant Dolly stroller from the House Beautiful collection at Homebase.

There's plenty of room for glasses and drink bottles, elegant sintered stone shelves to place them, multi-directional wheels to move around the room, plus did we mention it only costs £100? It's an absolute bargain. The continued growth in popularity of home improvement is a positive sign for professionals, according to Einck.