What kind of renovations require a permit nyc?

Many home improvement projects in New York City require permits. Repair projects and major changes, such as structural, electrical, heating, and plumbing work, are projects that will require a permit with certainty. Simple repairs usually don't require a permit, but for major changes, you should check with your local construction department for a permit. Even if you find a cheap New York apartment in affordable New York City neighborhoods, permission for major changes and renovation projects is a must.

But don't worry about some New York City renovation projects, such as painting, replacing bathroom fixtures, installing shelving, etc. They usually don't require a permit. The question is often asked: “when is it not necessary to submit plans and obtain a permit. Although this is not a clear topic, the Building Code and RCNY 101-14 address this topic.

Since the Minor Alterations list was unclear, the Department of Construction issued a, RCNY 101-14, clarifying exactly what is exempt from filing. You don't need to get a permit, but you must have a licensed home improvement contractor to do so. For example, installing new kitchen cabinets doesn't require a permit, but contractors must have a home improvement contractor (HIC) license from the Department of Consumer Affairs.