Which home improvements return the greatest value at resale?

Kitchen remodeling tends to involve a lot of usability improvements, which buyers love. This remains one of the best projects to increase resale value, and will probably always feature prominently. Installing a new chimney can quickly increase resale value. And if it's an upgrade from an older and less efficient wood stove to a gas or electric one, bonus points.

Even upgrades to appearance and safety can make a big difference in climates where fireplaces are heavily used. Any home improvement project that enhances exterior appeal will result in greater interest in your property and a higher return on investment once purchased. This probably won't surprise anyone, but a kitchen remodel remains one of the home improvements with the highest levels of return on investment. In other words, you can't measure the value you get from using and enjoying the home improvements you make.

Whether you're planning to sell your property soon or just want to enjoy some simple improvements, there are several ways to increase your ROI (return on investment) on your home improvements. Some valuable home improvement projects that aren't at the top of the list can give you a big return on investment. If you're thinking of investing some money in home improvement projects this year, keep a few things in mind. For some homeowners, home improvements aren't about return on investment; it's just about making dreams come true.

If you plan to live in your home for five years or more, don't hesitate to make improvements that fit your preferences and lifestyle; however, if you want to make a profit when you sell, try to increase your ROI on your home improvements. When deciding what improvements to make for resale, make sure to put home maintenance, such as new siding, high on the list. While the best ways to add value to a home include dozens of different ways to increase the price of your home, if you end up sinking substantially more capital than you'll recover from a sale, a home improvement won't be a good investment. Rather than simply replacing amenities and improving some items, homeowners should consider increasing the ROI of home improvements with a full overhaul.

This is another great home improvement that can give you a very high ROI, 70 to 80 percent in many cases. Marina Vaamonde, real estate investor and founder of PropertyCashin (opens in a new tab), told us that, in her experience, “the best return on investment for home improvements is modest backyard landscaping ideas.